I am an Artist &
have no right buggering about
with verbs & split infinitives…
Ralph Steadman

the Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Restaurant at Fair Oaks Farms. Our Farm to Your Plate in Our House

Sojourner Truth House

Promo piece for community resource and day center for the homeless


With several activities to get your tail wagging, Dog-A-Palooza is the perfect way to start off the Dog Days of Summer!

Chief Powerboats

It starts with the World and National Champion and the "founder of Apache Powerboats", The legendary designs of his 36 Warrior and 41 Warpath have come into the Modern era.

Soulfully Delicious

Catering with a little something special

Fresh Hot Syrup

One Hot Stack.

Eric Richardson

Lowbrow Artist Eric Richardson encouraging the viewer to follow the movement of paint and feel the radiating power that lies underneath vibrant color.

the Men's Room

Men's grooming supplies for the dapper gent.


Insurance Brokers & Consultants

BrenE. Booth

Stand alone, open concept, portable photo booth kiosk to streamline your next event.

Blackbird Sport Supply

The Official ProShop of the Illiana Blackbirds.


One of the largest fall festivals in the midwest.

Even In His Youth

A Tribute to Nirvana.

LAR Photography

Taking a moment of someone’s life and freezing it in time to create an everlasting memory.

Crop Paper Stickers

Scrapbooking Hobbiest Store.


Home Theater client of ITG.


Custom Helmet Skins

Stoppin the Burn

60 second spot for BLI at Creation Festival tour main stage.

The Klank

Chicago City Limits Tin Man Poster

Martz & Lucas

Law firm client of ITG. Custom Wordpress Theme.

Bars Near Us

Find me the bars near us.

What If?

International Day of Prayer promo for BLI.

Midwest Adult Hockey League

Blackbird Sport Supply "Because its the Shirt!".

Fair Oaks Farm's Fine Chocolates

Exclusive Farm to Box Handmade Chocolate

Rensselaer Pet Care

The veterinarians and staff at Rensselaer Pet Care are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care.

109 Lincolnway

Commercial property client of ITG.

Two Brites on a Hill Brewing

Stained Cable Knit Pumpkin Porter & Punkin Ale Fall Favs.

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali

Shawn Stuckey

A Self-motivated Designer
With over 20 years experience in the field.
Specializing in logo design, brand development,
illustration, web, print,
& any media that will communicate the client's goals & ideas



Client Satisfaction (...there was that one lady)


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Cups of coffee a day


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Unique visitors to my site (...then I fixed my Google Analytics.)


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Number on the back of my jersey

I have tied my whole person to my art,
& whatever it takes to get that hook,
I will go there & do it.
Rufus Wainwright


Establishing visual impact
& consistent branding throughout your messaging
to communicate ideas that inspire,
inform, & captivate consumers.

Want to give you or your company the image that unequivocally represents who you are
and what you're about? From branding and logo creation to website design and advertising,
Shawn Stuckey Digital Design will help you communicate ideas that inspire, inform & captivate.

Any design solution we explore will work in tandum with all others you utilize. This is especially critical in today’s fractured media landscape, where your consumers’ attention span is short and there is lots of competition for it.

You may not realize it when it happens,
but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.
Walt Disney


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it's just a matter of sorting things out
& seeing where I fit in.
Patrick Sharp